The Fast-Talking Millenial

If you’re like me, you’re relatively old.

I was born when the Beatles released their first album, and grew up long before there were personal computers, let alone smart phones. And one consequence — scratch that…benefit — of having grown up in those analog decades is that life was comparatively slow. Compared to today.

Have you ever noticed when interacting with millenials— those who were born in the 80s to mid-90s — that the pace of the interaction, particularly the speech, is often incredibly fast. Kind of double-speed. Like when we used to play a VCR at 2x in order to get to the good stuff.

This is not a one-off observation. I see and experience it all the time. At a store checkout, or on the phone with a customer service rep. They talk like they have only seconds to get every word out, or…something happens. I’m not sure what.

I’ve often wondered why this is. And I think it must have to do with growing up in the digital age, where everything is fast. You experience it everywhere — in music, TV, ads — the information is coming at you at lightening speed. And I suppose if you grew up with that bombardment 24/7, you learn to mimic it. But for old folks like me, it’s off-putting. It’s too fast. It jumbles the brain and attacks the spirit. It’s just no good.

So I ask all millenials: please slow down. Speak calmly and at a relaxed pace. We aren’t going to walk away if you don’t complete your sentence in one frantic burst of air. We will demonstrate the patience that growing up playing Monopoly and Scrabble instead of video games taught us. We might even get a few words in ourselves, and have a meaningful interactive dialogue.

Imagine that: a millenial and a boomer having a meaningful dialogue.



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